Work From Home Hub: How we’re supporting the transition to WFH

For the past two years, people have been adjusting to the many changes COVID-19 has brought to our lives. Working from home is one of those changes. And although working from home may have been challenging for some, it offered a lot of positives for others.

According to a Capterra study, 78% of staff say they’re just as (or more) productive at home. Working from home also gives families the flexibility to manage a healthier work/life balance.

So, how are we supporting the changing needs for WFH with our WFH hub? Read on to learn more about the work from home amenities that Lateral offers our tenants.

Lateral’s Work From Home Hub

Lateral has developed a collection of modern, urban apartments with resort-style amenities for Sydneysiders to create their dream lifestyles. One of those amenities is a Work From Home Hub. The spacious and modern hub is fully equipped with everything you need to slay your workday.

Private soundproof study pods

Kids running around causing a raucous while you’re on a Zoom meeting? Not anymore! Our private soundproof study pods give you the privacy and peace of mind you need to speak freely, without interruption.

Each pod is equipped with ergonomic furniture ensuring maximum comfort and productivity. They are perfectly designed to free up any distractions that might be in your apartment without having to actually leave home!

Meeting rooms

The best ideas happen when you’re together. That’s why our Work From Home Hub has a dedicated meeting room for you to meet with clients or your teammates. The meeting room is equipped with a round table and comfortable chairs.

Shared Workspaces

The Hub has spacious open space workstations. Each workstation has an ergonomic desk, chair and charging station, and allows for collaborating and creating or some quiet time to work. All tenants are free to use the workstations anytime between 6 am to 10 pm.

Kitchenette/tea and coffee station and lounging spaces

Let’s face it. No Work From Home Hub is complete without a coffee station! Each Work From Home Hub has a kitchenette equipped with a coffee machine, kettle and wash up area. You’ll just need to bring your own crockery, cutlery and mugs.

Didn’t have time to make lunch? No worries! Meander down to one of the many cafes and eateries in the area for a bite to eat.

Restaurants near SohoOasis Apartments

Take five in our clean, spacious and comfortable lounging spaces.

Ergonomic furniture and desks

We value our tenants’ physical health, which is why we’ve invested in high-quality ergonomic furniture and desks  for our workstations.

Layout and design

Our interior designers have designed the space specifically for the modern working professional in mind. With modern furnishings and funky decor, the hub is not just a space to work, but a space to feel inspired, connected and focused.

Vertical gardens and green walls

We’ve incorporated plenty of natural elements in our apartment buildings. The WFH Hub has a gorgeous green wall inviting a number of benefits. Exposure to nature helps lift our moods making us feel revitalised and focused. Being surrounded by nature has proven to reduce stress and anxiety. A 2020 study found that just 10 to 20 minutes in or around nature can reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

Gym and rooftop area

Smash your morning or evening workout in Lateral’s communal gym. Inspired by the vibrance of New York City, the gym is fully equipped with modern equipment and plenty of space for bodyweight workouts and stretching. Perfect to get the blood flowing after a long day of working.

Our rooftop area is ideal for tenants to take in the surrounding views, and socialise with other tenants. It’s also a great spot to get some fresh air, go for a quick dip and take a couple of minutes to reconnect with yourself.

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