Five fun things to do without leaving your apartment

With many Aussies practising safe social distancing (or facing yet another lockdown) we’re spending more time in our homes. And while downtime at home might sound amazing, Netflix, decluttering and baking bad cakes gets boring pretty quickly. Which is why we’ve created a list of fun things to do without leaving your Lateral apartment. From indoor picnics to becoming your own bartender, you’re sure to find something that keeps you entertained for hours.

Five fun things to do without leaving your apartment 1

Throw an indoor picnic

100% ant-proof and weather resistant, an indoor picnic is a fun way to enjoy your fave picnic snacks, without having to lug around your picnic basket.

Create a cozy picnic spot on your lounge floor with blankets, pillows and your favourite tunes. We LOVE this playlist! Can’t get to the shops? Feedwell creates gorgeous grazing platters and boxes ideal for your at home picnic.

Top tips for the perfect indoor picnic:

  • Set your indoor picnic near a window. That way natural light can still come in, and you can have a more genuine experience.
  • Get the kids involved and make a fort out of blankets. It’s a great way to encourage the little ones to join in on the fun.
  • Turn your picnic into a casual get-together using low hanging, soft lights to give your space a warm glow.

Go on a virtual tour of some of the world’s greatest galleries

Europe is home to some of the most unique galleries and museums in the world. And thanks to modern technology, you don’t have to buy an expensive plane ticket to see them. All you need is a good internet connection and a comfy place to sit.

Many museums and galleries now offer FREE virtual tours that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home. With Virtual Reality (VR), the world is your oyster. Want to check out the Tomb of Tutankhamun? You got it. What about the Colosseum in Rome? No problem.

Some of our favourite virtual gallery tours are:

Why not pull out some paints or colouring pencils and recreate some of the masterpieces you see? Or create your own if you’re feeling inspired!

Have an international dinner night

Expand your culinary horizons by cooking foreign dishes you’ve always wanted to try. Interested in Peru? Try Lomo saltado, a delicious Peruvian dish. Fancy Paris? Make frogs legs. Jokes. Don’t do that. Maybe try crêpes instead…

Not sure which country to choose? Here are some suggestions to get you started:

Enhance the cooking experience by dressing up or hosting a quiz night about the country of choice. Any excuse to wear a Mexican hat, huh?!

Create your own cocktail

Become your own mixologist by concocting the ultimate cocktail. The best part about this is all the sampling you need to do before coming up with your perfect blend of flavours. After all, practice makes perfect – right?

Not the best at mixing cocktails? Try these helpful tips:

  • Apple pairs well with brandy, kirsch, rum and vermouth.
  • Blackberry is delicious with brandy, Champagne, orange liqueurs, port wine and red wines.
  • Coconut is popular in drinks like Pina Coladas, but it also goes well with rum cocktails.
  • Lemon is usually used as a fun accent but can also be mixed with rum, vodka and nut and orange liqueurs.

Get artsy

Art is great for the body, mind and soul. Here are our favourite at home art projects to keep you busy at home!


Crockd kits are designed to get you out of your head and into your hands. With a focus on mental health and relaxation Crockd offers at home pottery kits for you to use with your friends at home.

Paint by Numbers

Do you consider yourself a terrible artist? Try a paint by numbers where you literally can’t go wrong! We love the vintage Aussie posters and Van Gogh pieces.

Wool and the Gang

Olympic Diver Tom Daly got us all inspired to knit. Create your own jumper, beanie or blanket with the help of Wool and the Gang.

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